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Print Plus Label Face Films

When you need more than just outstanding printability, our value-added label face films deliver, with enhanced durability, flame retardancy, security features, and more

Our security films protect brands and products across the globe, and for good reason: We’ve invented a host of creative technologies for maintaining product integrity and keeping consumers safe. From simple tamper-evident-labels to sophisticated anti-counterfeit features, all of our security films can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our R&D experts are ready to collaborate and develop films designed specifically for your product, budget and application.

High-durability Films
When you need films that stand up to punishing conditions or comply with regulations, we have you covered, with films that are flame-retardant, solvent resistant, and hold together under high temperatures. Our flame-retardant films comply with UL 94 VTM-0 standards and deliver thin, highly effective, and affordable solution for electronic appliances, without sacrificing printability. Our solvent-resistant films are specifically designed for industrial and automotive applications where conditions demand resistance to harsh chemicals. And our high-temperature films are designed to ensure barcode label traceability of rubber products such as tires, belts or tubes throughout their manufacture, including the vulcanization process.

Protective Films
Our PET label face films with proprietary hardcoats help enhance the scratch resistance and graffiti resistance of labeling for indoor and outdoor applications, either as a protective overlaminate film or as a label face stock. We also offer films for dry-erase applications, with wipe-clean surfaces ideal  for standard Expo®️-type dry erasable markers of all kinds.The film’s coating provides high chemical resistance, and retains gloss, clarity and dimensional stability. Grades are available to withstand harsh exterior environments, making them perfect for outdoor applications.

Tamper Evident Face Films Product Overview

Security Face Films Product Overview

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