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Functional Surfacing Films

A transformative addition to everything from white goods to kitchen cabinets, our PET surfacing films are available optimized for lamination to a wide range of materials. They employ dry adhesives that are smooth and resistant to plasticizer migration, and that can be colored for easy identification. Our metallized films deliver high metal adhesion, improving stress resistance, durability and formability for ease of processing and product longevity. Surfacing films are PVC-free, helping you to comply with current environmental trends and regulations.

For appliances
Available in glossy or brushed silver, black, or super-clear, our surfacing films are the ideal solution for cost-effectively elevating the appearance of appliances by adding gloss, reflectance, color and durability.  We can optimize them for your needs by integrating a hard coat for extra scuff resistance, a print primer for added versatility, or a dry erase coating for wipe-off cleanability.

For decorative and mirror applications
Added to rigid or flexible substrates, our surfacing films help create mirror, chrome, brushed, glossy or colored effects that are both decorative and functional. Unique finishes such as a matte or a clear scratch-resistant coating can transform the look, texture and functionality of plastic and metal to create a range of surface appearances and textures.

For anti-microbial protection
Check out our new anti-microbial overlay surfacing films for touch applications in public spaces.


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