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Copper Substrates

We employ proprietary technologies to manufacture two types of exceptional copper films for use in flexible and standard electronics: Avery Dennison Hanita Copper Skin™ Foil, and Avery Dennison Hanita Pure Copper. We can also apply our copper metallization expertise to create antibacterial copper coatings for non-woven materials used in the healthcare industry.


Avery Dennison Hanita Copper Skin™ Foil
Get the cost advantages of aluminum foil with the trouble-free connectivity of copper in this innovative combination of the two. These highly conductive laminates consist of aluminum foil coated with a proprietary copper skin that ensures outstanding electrical connectivity. The result? An alternative to copper foil that can reduce raw materials costs by up to 50 percent. Our Copper Skin Foil’s fine copper surface is compatible with soldering processes such as reflow SMT, and with conductive adhesives. At the same time, its high resistance to corrosion eliminates the need for an additional protective layer like OSP. Common applications include copper tape production, LED lighting, back contact for OLED, back electrodes for PV modules or single-layer PCB/FPC. Copper Skin Foil  is available laminated to a variety of films used in the electronics industry.

Avery Dennison Hanita Pure Copper Coating
Replace expensive silver or aluminum in applications where electrical connectivity is required, or replace copper foil or plating in EMI applications with a lower-cost alternative. Our proprietary system for manufacturing our Pure Copper, adhesive-free metallized film uses state-of-the-art roll-to-roll processes to apply thin layers of copper (10-350 nm) on various flexible films (PEN, PI, or PET), resulting in exceptional flexibility and metal adhesion. Our Pure Copper is perfect for wearable electronics, sensors, and highly reliable RFID antennas.

Pure Copper & Aluminum Product Overview

Copper Skin™ Foil Product Overview

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