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DuraView Plastic Media

Our DuraView™ print media for wide-format inkjet printers add a new dimension to conventional applications. Engineered for printing by solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inks, these waterproof and robust media deliver sharp, vivid graphics for indoor and outdoor applications. Based on heat-resistant, dimensionally stable PET film, and made with an ink-receptive matte coating that ensures vibrant, attention-grabbing graphics, DuraView is the right choice for wrinkle-free backlit applications, including but not limited to backlit signage, exhibition graphics, interior design, decorative applications, glazing protection and promotional graphics.

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DuraView Polyester
Perfect for backlit applications, translucent DuraView PET is a 125-micron (5 mil) or 175-micron (7 mil) clear polyester film with a matte coating specifically developed for solvent-based inkjet wide-format printers. Thanks to excellent print density and anchorage, the vibrant colors and diffused light make this film ideal for backlit posters, scrollers and light boxes. Waterproof and durable, DuraView PET also resists weathering and condensation, making it the right choice  for medium-term exterior use when used with pigmented inks.

DuraView Window Films
Created for glass design, DuraView Window Films turn any clear window into a promotional opportunity. DuraView provides the perfect media for decorative, privacy and promotional applications on glass, delivering superior window graphics that are viewable from both sides.

These optically clear, 50-micron (2 mil) and 125-micron (5 mil) self-adhesive polyester films feature transparent, removable adhesive and a PET release liner. They’re printable by solvent, eco-solvent UV and latex inks and  available in translucent, metallized or gold finishes. Ideal for windows, doors, and partitions, promotional signage or decoration.Duraview Window Films make an excellent alternative to sandblasted or etched glass when privacy is required and are a cost-effective alternative to pre-decorated films. Applications include exhibition displays, large-scale branding, and decorative interior design.

OptiGraphix UV
Economical and specially engineered for UV wide-format inkjet printers, these optically clear, PET-based films deliver the vivid graphics suitable for large scale branding and decorative interior design. Our OptiGraphix UV products offer an architectural-grade printable substrate that delivers crisp, high-definition images and handles superbly during print and installation.

DuraView Safety Window Graphics
DuraView Safety Window Graphics combine window graphics and enhanced glass safety in a single product. The films feature a specially thick anti-fragmentation adhesive that helps secure glass shards from breakage resulting from impact, collision, blast or natural disaster. Films are available with a clear or translucent appearance, and engineered for printing by solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex inks on wide format printers. Graphics can be viewed from both sides, inside or out. Lit by daylight or interior lighting, DuraView Safety Window Graphics deliver tremendous opportunities for styling, decorating or advertising.


Dura-Go Plastic Media

DuraKote Polyester Films