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Dura-Go Plastic Media

Dura-Go® series from Avery Dennison Hanita is a range of specially treated plastic films for printing on HP Indigo® digital color commercial and industrial sheet- and roll-fed presses. For converters, Dura-Go media open the door to high-added value applications—such as control panels, overlays, catalogs, tags and name plates that maximize profit potential.  All Dura-Go films have a unique chemical coating co-developed with HP Indigo that provides exceptional print receptiveness and ink anchorage.

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Available in a range of plastics
Dura-Go films are available in a variety of plastics to suit a wide range of applications. Order them in polyester, polycarbonate, white rigid vinyl and styrene.

Substrates custom-optimized for you
Our team can also optimize additional synthetic substrates such as lenticular and synthetic paper on demand.


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