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Protecting Our People


Safety is a core value at Avery Dennison, and the highest priority at every one of our facilities worldwide. Our aim is simple: To ensure that every employee leaves for home safe and healthy at the end of every day. We take safety so seriously that every recordable injury is reported to our CEO.

Our efforts have enabled us to build one of the best safety records of any global manufacturing company: Our recordable incidence rate in 2016 was world-class at 0.25, far surpassing the manufacturing industry average of 3.8. That same year, 84% of our 181 facilities were free of recordable injuries.

In our LPM business, we promote safety by engaging employees at all levels in ongoing initiatives and practices. We begin with our Safety Imperatives—the “golden rules” that every employee memorizes and follows. We provide (and require) all necessary equipment like safety glasses, hard hats, respirators, and shoes with protective toes. Ongoing campaigns keep risks like hand-injuries top-of-mind, and we regularly invest in preventative measures, such as static control to avoid fires. And teams of employees routinely conduct risk assessments, looking for opportunities to reduce risk in our processes and procedures.

An injury is more than a statistic. Each one involves a person. A life. Often, a family. At Avery Dennison, we never forget this, and it motivates us to look out for one another, every day.

ECE104 Regulations

European studies have shown up to a 42% reduction in side and rear impacts into large trucks at night when using reflective contour marking.

US Federal Sign Minimum Retroreflectivity Requirements

The regulations call for traffic signage to meet minimum retroreflectivity levels in order to be in compliance.

US DOT Regulations (CT)

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US Airport Sign Regluation

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Europe EAD Guidance

The EAD reflects alignment between the manufacturer and government experts to guide testing.

* For the pharmaceutical industry, Avery Dennison also provides a robust adhesive change notification commitment, giving 12-months advance notice of modifications and a guarantee of adhesive availability for 5 years.