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Solar control films. Applied to windows, doors and skylights, our solar control window films filter up to 85 percent of solar radiation passing through the glass, keeping rooms cooler, reducing glare, and cutting energy consumption from air conditioning by up to 20 percent1. Eliminate hotspots, sun-baked areas and the constant need to draw blinds —by filtering sunlight, our films keep rooms bright but cool

Safety window films. Add a layer of security to your environment. The thick adhesive of our safety and security laminates can help hold shattered glass in place, reducing the threat of glass-related injury.  Our films are available in a range of almost imperceptible clear laminates, or in solar control versions that also cut heat build-up, glare, and air conditioning costs. Find out more.

Design films. Our design films can transform properties from inside or out.  Whether you need a total exterior makeover or internal branding, decor or privacy, our films are the ones designers and architects trust.

Vela™. Our innovative Vela™ privacy and display film magically transforms glass from clear to translucent at the flick of a switch. It’s ideal for interior partitioning as well as dynamic back projection for engaging window displays and more. Find out more.

1 Based on whole building energy modeling with clear glass and reflective Avery Dennison window films. Actual figures vary.

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