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Window Spacer Laminates

Warm-edge window spacers are critical to improving the insulation performance and energy savings of insulated glass units. Our ultra-high barrier window spacer laminates are designed to ensure effective warm-edge window spacer performance by ensuring that moisture won't permeate in and insulating gas won't permeate out. They provide negligible thermal bridge compared to aluminum or stainless steel foil laminates, and very high resistance to corrosion.

Films for every spacer
We offer a range of films in thicknesses of 20 to 48 microns, with levels of barrier ranging from  medium to ultra-high. Our films are available with a range of proprietary surface treatments that ensure compatibility with a range of industry sealants and spacers used for insulated glass unit production.

UHB Metallized Laminates - Product Overview

Shelf Life Conditions