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Avery Dennison Hanita VIP Laminates

Our VIP Laminates provide one of the most effective solutions for VIP insulation in the industry* and make VIPS more suitable for the harsh conditions of construction, thermal shipping, and home appliance applications. Three main properties make it possible: exceptional air and water vapor barrier; robust mechanical strength; and low effective thermal conductivity. Our VIP Laminates come in a range of film types, from short- to long-term longevity, including a special design for extreme conditions. All contain internal heat-seal layers of high quality polyethylene for effective sealing, and are available in rolls or pre-formed as hybrid or standard envelopes.

An Avery Dennison Hanita Original
We pioneered the development of ultra-high barrier laminates for VIPS in the 1990s. More recently, the unique in-vacuum metallization processes we’ve developed have enabled production of metallic barrier layers that allow gas and moisture permeation well below any similar product in the industry*, while keeping the thermal bridge effect very low.

A hybrid solution for challenging applications
An effective option for some fiberglass core or high temperature applications is a hybrid "combination envelope" — Avery Dennison Hanita aluminum foil laminate on one side of the VIP's bag, with Hanita ultra-high-barrier metallized films on the other side of the bag. This combination envelope dramatically decreases the effects of the thermal bridge and substantially reduces moisture vapor and oxygen- and nitrogen- molecule gas permeation compared to envelopes with metallized films only.

* For a sample comparison report of Hanita laminates with other commercially available laminates, please see “Comparison of Barrier of VIP Laminates - New PST Technology".

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UHB PST Laminates for VIP - Product Overview

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