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CPL Films

Once, makers of cabinets, furniture, flooring and countertops had to choose between the rich finishes found in high-pressure laminates (HPL) laminates or the versatility, lower cost and production efficiencies of continuous pressure laminates (CPL). But now our high gloss or ultra-matte PET CPL films combine the best of both, improving both the performance and aesthetics of CPL laminates, cost-effectively and efficiently

The appearance consumers want...
Ranging from 23 to 75µ Polyester, our CPL films feature high-performing ultra-matte or high-gloss coatings, with adhesion-promoting primer for melamine. The appearance assures maximum visual impact of the design.

...with the performance they demand.
Our CPL films offer negligible iridescence and high scratch resistance. They make fingerprints easier to wipe off and feel great to the touch. Quality-certified manufacturing ensures that they are uniform roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet.

CPL Processing - Product Overview


Surface Protection Film